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FiltersScreen FiltersTS340NSA


3" Semi-Automatic Screen T Filter 120 Mesh NPT 40 CBM


  • The semi-automatic screen filter has a cleaning feature that uses suction nozzles on the inside of the screen cartridge. It comes with a pressure differential indicator
  • Once the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet is high enough, a red indicator button will pop up letting you know that it is time to clean the filter.
  • The cleaning function is very simple and done while the system is running.
  • Once the red indicator button pops up, slowly open the ball valve at the bottom of the body and crank the handle clockwise and counter clockwise a few times
  • This will raise and lower the suction nozzles in a spiraling motion to pass over the entire inside surface of the screen cartridge
  • Once the pressure differential indicator button goes back down, the cleaning is done and the bottom valve can be closed again.


  • Clamp: Stainless Steel
  • Body: Polypropylene
  • Disc: Polypropylene


3" Semi-Automatic Screen Filter

Maximum Pressure:
8 Kg/cm2
Range of Flow Rate:
35-42 m3/hr
Nominal Flow Rate:
40 m3/hr
Filtration area:
831 cm2

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