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Center Pivot

Center pivot irrigation systems are used on almost all field crops and some row crops to eliminate labor, other than maintenance, during the growing season.

This is the most automated of all irrigation systems and provides truly mechanized irrigation.

Typical crops irrigated with center pivots include corn, cotton, potatoes, sugar beets, cereal grains, alfalfa, beans and pasture.



    Almost All Row Crops
    Almost All Field Crops
    Orchards & Trellis
    Not Recommended


  • Fully automated, labor saving
  • Rapid irrigation cycle
  • High uniformity irrigation
  • Low pressure operation
  • Can irrigate almost any field crop
  • Very low wind distortion


  • High investment cost
  • Limited to medium or light soils
  • Limited to flat or moderately rolling terrain
  • Requires highly technical operational and maintenance capabilities
  • Does not fully irrigate square fields

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Questions & Answers

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System Pricing

See the Pivot System Pricing page to calculate the price of a Pivot system that is right for you.

Benefits of Pivot Irrigation

Automated Labor Saving Device

Pivot irrigation requires very little labor input as it is a fully automated irrigation system.

Excellent Irrigation Control

The center pivot offers a wide range of irrigation scheduling. Short frequent irrigations for young crops or longer, deeper irrigations for mature crops. The pivot can apply the exact amount of water required for growing plant needs.