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FiltersDisc FiltersD150N


1.5" Y Filter- Disc 120 Mesh


  • Redesigned disc filter for outside-in flow.
  • Auxiliary connections - two inputs for ¼ ”MNPT pressure tapping.
  • Threaded body and cap to withstand high pressure and easy opening and closing.
  • High filtering efficiency.
  • Spring loaded disc cartridge for even compression.
  • Protection against UV, chemicals and resistant to high pressure due to its reinforcement of plastic material in its manufacture.


  • Body: Polypropylene
  • Disc: Polypropylene


1.5" Y Filter- Disc 120 Mesh

1-1/2" MNPT
Maximum Pressure:
85 PSI
Flow Range:
53-70 GPM
Nominal Filtration Volume:
66 GPM

Performance Data: